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Fighting wildfires

With data.

Wildfires destroy 40 million football fields of nature yearly, cost 210 billion euros in damages and increase the threat to our lives. Climate change will only worsen this problem.
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We need change

A fast response is a wildfire’s biggest enemy. According to research the first 30 minutes of a fire are crucial. Unfortunately, in current systems this typically takes for longer.

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Continuous monitoring

The FAST system can operate 24/7 and creates a detailed risk-profile of any surface.

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Fast detection

It determines the exact location, size and direction of any fire within minutes after ignition.

Response support

It generates evacuation routes and a fire fighting plan for the boots on the ground.

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Afterwards it continuously monitors to prevent re-ignition, gather scientific data and support rescue and recovery operations.

Our solution

With our FAST-Detection system we offer full-service integrated solution that will increase preparedness, response times and efficiency in stopping wildfires.

Support Our Cause

Our system supports emergency services in order to save lives, nature and billions of euros in damages every year. If you like our cause and want to contribute so that we can make this happen even faster, please consider to make a one-time donate.

Thank you for helping us make a difference!


Get in touch

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