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FAST detects fire, people and smoke

Earlier this year MEJOR Technologies went for a test day to Limburg in the south of the Netherlands. The test day was a resounding success made possible through Staatsbosbeheer.

Key Results - AI Wildfire detection

  • Detect small fires in different vegetation types.

  • Identify early stages of smoke from 120 meters altitude, crucial for early detection.

  • Detect people from high altitudes for search and rescue missions.


The Wildfire Crisis

Wildfires are a significant global issue, causing extensive economic, social, and environmental damage. These destructive fires lead to enormous monetary losses and, tragically, claim lives. All in all, a lack of ongoing monitoring, delayed detection, slow response time and an overflow of inaccurate information, continue to contribute to increased and unnecessary damages. This all summarises into two questions:

  1. How to better monitor wildfires?

  2. How to decrease the wildfire damages?

These are precisely the issues MEJOR Technologies is dedicated to tackling!

Continuous Improvement and Training - Fire detection technology

While the achievements from MEJOR Technologies' first test day are remarkable, we're not stopping here. The test day results have provided us with valuable data that we will use to train and refine our AI model. We are committed to leveraging this data to enhance our system's precision and reliability, ensuring that our technology continues to evolve and meet the highest standards of performance and safety.


MEJOR Technologies - Better tech for a brighter tomorrow.


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