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About Us

How it all started

The idea of MEJOR Technologies came back in 2021 when two co-workers were discussing the Australian bushfires and the devastating results of it. 

The idea that to truly prevent and manage wildfires you would have to be monitoring wildfires everywhere, always, was born. And so MEJOR Technologies was established, with the name coming from the two co-founders MElvin and JORis - MEJOR Technologies. 


Today MEJOR Technologies is a Dutch based start-up employing almost 10 people. MEJOR Technologies has developed three SaaS products to cover the full range of wildfire damages and risks in all wildfire stages. These are LUCI for pre-fire stage, FAST for early wildfire stage and CHRIS for during-and post-fire stage. 

MEJOR Technologies - Better tech for a brighter tomorrow. 

Do you want to learn more about MEJOR Technologies or are you interested to invest on a fast growing start-up, contact us here now!


MEJOR Technologies' vision is to be an industry leader in advanced surveillance and data collection, thus creating a safer future and nature for everyone.


At MEJOR Technologies our mission is to protect nature, people, and their properties from wildfires through innovative technologies.

MEJOR Technologies Team

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