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Wild Forest Fires


Detect, verify, visualise and simulate the spread of wildfires: how do you do that efficiently? 


We can help you with that. Our software leverages AI to detect and verify wildfires providing real-time monitoring during wildfire.

CHRIS can:

  • Create a comprehensive overview of the situation

  • Simulate future spread.

  • Deliver this critical information to firefighters on the ground and other relevant recipients.

  • Additionally, it aids in search and rescue operations and data collection after a wildfire. 

Why choose CHRIS?

All-in-one System

Our system is an all-in-one interface with wildfire situational awareness. 

Highly Reliable

Highly reliable system due to AI-powered solution.

Input Agnostic

Our system can function with any video feed. 

Seamless Integration

Combine with any airborne platform such as a drone, airship or helicopter. 

Flexible Deployment

Our system can run locally or in the cloud.  

Partner Deal

Our system can be supplied with our partner’s autonomous UAV system.

Need a wildfire solution?

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