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Wild Forest Fires


Detect, verify, visualise and simulate the spread of wildfires: how do you do that efficiently? We can help you with that.


CHRIS creates continuous situational awareness for planning and ensuring the safety of ground personnel by utilising UAV platforms to transform UAV feeds into near real-time satellite overviews.


The system provides comprehensive insights into wildfire spread simulations, enabling users to determine the origin of a wildfire and predict its future progression.

Why choose CHRIS?

Continuous Situational Awareness

CHRIS ensures the planning and safety of ground personnel during wildfires. 

Wildfire Spread Simulations

The solution provides insight into where the fire started and its future progression. 

Birds-Eye View

CHRIS provides a comprehensive overview of the wildfire with low-flying UAV feeds.

Turn-key solution

CHRIS is a user-friendly solution through our dashboard or API. 

Need a wildfire solution?

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