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Implementing an early detection and monitoring system to prevent or limit wildfire damage: how do you do that efficiently? We can help you with that.

FAST combines the predictive capabilities of LUCI with the 
situational awareness of CHRIS to create a comprehensive fire detection system.


The system continuously monitors designated areas 

autonomously, ensuring that the first signs of a fire are detected without human intervention.

Once a fire is detected, the system sends immediate alerts to the relevant authorities or users.

Why choose FAST?

Autonomous Monitoring

FAST monitors the are autonomously for the earlierst signs of wildfire. 

Quick Revisits

The system revisits areas within 30 minutes to ensure FAST detection of a wildfire. 

Accurate Localisation

FAST provides the GPS location of a starting wildfire.

Real-Time Verification

FAST provides real-time verification through machine learning and video feeds to minimise false positives. 

Situational Awareness

The FAST solution provides situational awareness to optimise response by mapping an emerging wildfire, providing first responders with detailed informaiton before arrival. 


The FAST system is easily scalable by adjusting the number of UAVs for different area sizes. 

FAST in Action

Need a wildfire solution?

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